IPX7 Waterproof & Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Elevate your outdoor fun with our IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, designed to keep the music going wherever you are — whether it’s pool parties, beach days, summer festivals, or even in the shower. This robust 10-watt speaker not only boasts a fully waterproof, drop-proof, and shock-proof design but also ensures high-quality sound even when submerged up to one meter underwater for 30 minutes.

The speaker’s sleek, unique design allows for a 360° sound dispersion, delivering consistent and immersive audio from any angle. Equipped with two acoustic drivers, it provides a rich, bold sound with deep bass and crystal-clear clarity, enhancing every beat of your music.

Easily connect to your devices via Bluetooth or aux-in, and experience the ultimate stereo sound by pairing two IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers simultaneously using TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology. This feature allows for a true stereo effect, with each speaker handling either the left or right channel, all within an impressive 10-meter range. Many handheld devices will even show the speaker’s battery level to prevent unexpected power-offs during your events.

With up to 14 hours of battery life on a full charge and a recharge time of only five hours, this speaker is ready to party as long as you are. Its slim, portable design includes a secure cover for the charging port, making it ready for any splashy adventure. Intuitive controls make it easy for anyone to use, from kids to grandparents.

Available in blue or black, each with a stylish, textured fabric and a convenient black carry string, choose your favorite or mix and match colors to create personalized stereo setups at your next outdoor gathering with our IPX,7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.

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